Thursday, January 20, 2005

Comments and other Stuff 

Comments seem to be acting up for some folks so here are Gytha's comments on yesterday's blog:

1. I avoid floss licking but I'm not compulsive about it - honest
2. I do use waste knots to start but otherwise never
3. I'm with you on this - if the back is not going to be seen then I'm not
putting in the extra work
4. No absolutely certain on this, have seen loads of blackwork that
obviously isn't counted but there is stuff that "could" be and I haven't had
the opportunity to get right up close and personal so until I do you are the
5. I don't use hoops so don't suffer with those potential problems.
6. With you
7. With you - my band sampler is the size it is because it was a strip of
fabric left over from making a chemise.
8. And they are STILL saying this in needlework books...
9. My sampler is rolled up in my work bag 'cos that's where it lives, it may
be rolled round a spool of silk that I'm using but that's it.

Must get back to working on the sampler, I spent most of November and
December working on new garb for Richard and myself and 12th night gifts so
I have rewarded myself with some easy mundane cross stitch and when that's
finished it must be back to the grindstone.


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