Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fibercrafts in Fiction

No, you have not wandered into a book review blog! I have always been fascinated with the way authors deal with fibercrafters in fiction. We have a spate of books now about quilt themes and Monica Ferris' books about stitchery/mystery. However, there seem to have always been books around dealing with crafters as characters.

I ran across one the other day. The Voice of the Corpse by Max Murray. An early Bantam paperback from 1947. How can you resist a book that begins:

"Even in death there was something arty and crafty about Angela. The grim reaper had caught her as she sat at her spinning wheel, at the moment when she was taking the first steps toward converting a heap of unsavory hair that she had plucked from her chow dog into a pull-over for Celia Sim."

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