Thursday, February 17, 2005

Home Again 

Well, returned from Nashville. What a delight to see old friends and make new ones. Our needlework toys did very well at the show as did the new little box design. I need to get busy and think up some new thingies to put on teeny tiny boxes.

It was nice having folks stop by and say they read my blog. I'm trying to convince more needleworkers to blog. We need to catch up with the knitters. Not that I don't like knitting but I'm feeling rather like a poor relation in the fiber blog world.

I go to the show not only to sell but to buy. I came home with the new Dinky Dyes colors, Kreinik iron on threads, some European charts to put in the booth at CATS Burbank and charts from Ellen Chester are on order for Burbank as well.

I talked to Jo and we'll be carrying some color packs of Dinky Dyes silks at Burbank.

Then off south of Nashville a few miles for a day's visit. As some friends know, I'm working on retiring from the day job this year and will hopefully be relocating to the Nashville area. Watch this space for the latest news on my plans.

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