Saturday, February 26, 2005

Plug & Pain 

Plug and Play? When pigs fly my dears!!!

Anyone who self-publishes needlework designs knows the importance of printers. And Linn's rule is - Printers always act up just before an event when printing extra inventory is crucial.

Before Nashville the BIG printer became terminally ill and died, then the backup MID-SIZED printer died and we limped along on the ITSY BITSY all-in-one printer just to get to the show.

Now, one seldom walks into a computer store (even in a large metropolis) these days and walks out with the printer your heart desires in a box. You must order. So after lots of thinking I made the decision - no more huge printer. Step back one step in technology and cut the costs of supplies and eliminate some of the idiot lights and routines that drove me nuts with the BIG sophisticated monster.

Finally settled on one step back for the day-to-day larger run printer and two steps back for the backup printer. Ordered them. Finally had the backup printer delivered yesterday (the other is on backorder).

Then the fun began. The concept of Plug and Play is supposed to mean, you plug the doggone thing in, turn it on, boot your computer, the computer finds the new hardware and asks for the disc with the drivers, you put the disc in a CD drive, punch a few keys and Bob's Your Uncle - you are "playing". Sometimes this works according to plan. Not yesterday. I spent nearly all day "plugging" away at the little monster before I could "play".

I did find I was right about technology choices though. I do need the next step up for larger runs of very big file items but this mid-range will do nicely as a backup and for bits and pieces.

There, I feel better now. A good groan, even an anonymous one, is sooooo therapeutic. Now when the other printer is delivered I am wondering how much "plugging" will be necessary before the "play" starts.

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