Monday, March 14, 2005

....and do not paint the kitchen green! 

Way back in the 50's friends of our family were blessed/cursed with an extremely innovative/mischievous son. When leaving him "home alone" his mom always ran through a litany of thou shalt nots. On one occasion however, she neglected to tell him not to paint her kitchen green (somehow it never entered her mind that it might be high on his to do list). You get the picture. Much paint scraping after a 10 year old paints your kitchen with green enamel meant for shutters.

I'm often amazed at how slight failures in communication can lead to surprising consequences. When I recently ordered gold passing thread for an upcoming Or Nue class in Kansas City - I ordered 16 (25g) spools of passing. Now unfortunately Kath was ill and didn't take my order and the production folks at the factory simply looked at the order, saw a total weight of 400g and proceeded to send me 4 spools (100g) of gold.

Now I have a week and a half to get it all unwound, divided up and packaged for class. Believe me next time it will be "....and do not wind all 100g on one spool."

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