Monday, March 28, 2005

Leaving the Medieval 

A very rich weekend indeed in Kansas City. Absolutely awash with medieval embroidery images, medieval stitching, and good friends to spend it with. Catherine K. and her husband (otherwise known as LegoMan) are wonderful hosts and it was spirit raising to see Catherine toddling about very well after hip replacement surgery. It is difficult seeing nice people in pain. Thursday evening I was a guest at Catherine's EGA chapter (Santa Fe Trail)and surprisingly ran into some folks I know from another list and a customer as well. It is always pleasant to put faces to names. What an active and welcoming group they are. They get top notch marks from me.

On Friday Catherine indulged me with a trip around area thrift stores to search for that rare book, or bargain or bit of fabric for a project. I found a great reading book and Catherine found some lovely wool blend fabric and a few Legos for you-know-who. Then off to a local needlework shop - jammed with all sorts of fibers and embellishments which caught my eye as well as beautiful models. Models do make a shop!

Saturday was taken up with Or Nue class and we tried out all sorts of various ways of couching gold so different bits were bare and different colors were emphasized or shoved into the background. We mixed stitching with Libby's great photos and finished up by working on a small flower using the techniques everyone had been practicing.

Then back to Catherine's with some of the group coming by for a good chat and a look at some stupendous art books brought by some of the women.

Home again now and missing the medieval. It was super to visit there with such enthusiasts - but now it's day job today and mail stuff and open mail. You get the picture.

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