Thursday, March 10, 2005

One thing done 

I'm not really eager to keep up with my webpage. It is fiddly and takes time to get the graphics found and inserted, etc.

BUT I did get the event and teaching schedule page sorted and reloaded tonight. Not that it's very complicated in 2005. A quiet year without Rockome, but considering a month long exhibit in England and a move on the horizon - enough.

I'm really looking forward to two goldwork workshops. More and more teachers are teaching goldwork techniques and I'm pleased that some of my students have spread their wings and flown away to the RSN and have become first rate goldworkers. Also gratifying is to see students share their goldwork skills with others. We are building a body of metal embroidery enthusiasts in the US which gives me a great feeling.

Then at the total other end of the spectrum - I'm looking forward to a mixed media class in June. It is sponsored by the San Mateo EGA. We will be sloshing about paint and stabbing and mutilating textiles and paper and all sorts of other things and come up with amazing results.

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