Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Queens' Sampler 

I see by my stats that someone is looking for information about the Queens' Sampler associated with my name.

This was a fun project done in collaboration with Eileen Bennett at the 2004 National Counted Cross Stitch festival (Rockome). We had a super evening with 30+ participants and explored the life and times of the wives of Henry VIII.

Eileen and I each designed three bands for a sampler that was exclusive to the evening (one for each of the wives). Adana Adams has a great set of photos of her stitching of the sampler in her photo gallery. She added a crown for each of the wives which I think is a great touch (wish I had thought of it).

Eileen and I have both had requests for the design and we could probably be convinced to teach it again in tandem. We are both fascinated by the women in Henry's life and each have our favorites. We'll see what happens in the future. For now it is a happy memory of an evening spent with some super stitchers and a dear, dear friend Eileen.

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