Monday, April 04, 2005

Fashion Statement 

In Los Angeles one often sees bold fashion statements in public places. Today I was treated to an ensemble which was color coordinated beautifully but was whimsical in one respect.

It is now warm in Los Angeles and virtually everyone is wearing some sort of sun defeating headgear. Today I saw a very tall gentleman in Khaki trousers (beautifully creased); a deep purple T-shirt with a matching purple lampshade on his head as his sunhat of choice.

Now my first thought was - that is nutty! But it really was very practical. He had a cream colored bandana wrapped and tied about his head and flowing down the back of his neck for protection. This also protected his head where the sun entered at the top of the shade. The shade was of just the right size to protect his ears, face and neck. Very tidy look all in all.

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