Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sherry - A Decent Human Being 

As I slog and blog through life, one of the highest accolades I give to folks is what I call "A Decent Human Being" award. We all have our quirks and faults but there are those who are just simply to the core decent, kind, good and honest.

I do a lot of research of original museum textiles and publish books with the charts I've made of bits and pieces from them. Early on I came to realize that these charts would be a great temptation to designers. They beg to be incorporated into designs - I should know, I use them all the time.

My policy evolved consisting of "yes, you may use bits from the books but please attribute me as your source and send me a copy of your design with the attribution." Over the years different designers have used the books as a resource and I get designs in from time to time. Most of the time the attributions even have my name spelled correctly. There are occasional times when I don't get credit but then there are the splendid times when designers go far beyond what I expect.

I received a lovely new chart today from Sherry Schons which uses a few bits and bobs and she has gone the extra mile by dedicating her work to me. What an honor. I can't tell you about the design or give a photo as it is not on her website and I have a feeling it is destined for release at an upcoming show or event. I can only say Sherry has remained true to her love of fantasy and dreams of a magical world. Thank you Sherry and if I have encouraged you to find your own way with blackwork - it's a very lovely way indeed.

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