Saturday, April 02, 2005

Show Time!!! 

Libby and I will be at the Burbank CATS show starting April 14. Part of the fun is getting ready to load the booth up with things that delight people who just can't resist spending money on needlework stash.

The Dinky Dyes are here, sorted and in their display cabinet. We have all the "sampler colors" - 30 colors just begging to be used on a sampler if you want a truly vintage look.

The DMC metallics and the Rainbow Gallery fibers are yet to arrive. I've also ordered six different sorts of "No Name" scissors. I've found that $6 scissors appeal to folks (they certainly appeal to me) as they are perfectly good little embroidery scissors and you don't have to pitch a fit if you lose a pair or forget and use them to cut metal wire or pry something.

As I'm moving this summer, we will take a lot of linen that was precut for classes and make a valiant attempt to save ourselves from moving it. Same with vintage stitching magazines and charts.

I have some starter kits made up so I can sit down with folks and get them started on reversible blackwork or stitching on paper.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I move a lot of stuff into somebody else's stash instead of having to pack it for a move across country.

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