Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not Dead Yet!! 

But just beginning to come back to the world of the marginally capable.

I think nattering on about one's illnesses is VERY boring so here's the short synopsis - skip if you like.

Had back and leg twinges a few weeks before the CATS Show in Burbank. Early April.

Made it through first day of the CATS show and then collapsed in pain and partial paralysis. April 14

Lay in bed for 3 weeks unable to wiggle left toes or lift left leg off bed. Did stumble to bathroom occasionally.

After 3 weeks gained enough movement in left leg to pick it up 3 inches or so and take a shower. Well, heck a little dirt never killed anyone unless they had an open wound.

Then managed for a few weeks to make it to kitchen and bathroom a few times a day but medicine caused nasty side effects so it required at least an hour to recover from each move from room to room.

After about 5 weeks could walk to my inside mailbox every few days and as of yesterday managed to make it to the apartment laundry room.

Just need to get a bit of stamina back but this is the first day I've really had the strength to accomplish more than the bare necessities of activities of daily living.

Oh, and I felt so miserable I didn't get a bit of designing or stitching done during this time. Let's not do this again, thank you very much.

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