Sunday, May 01, 2005

Watch Out What You Wish For 

How many times have I wished "oh I'd just like to be at home and not go to the dratted day job"?

Well, I've not done that for just about 12 days or so now. 12 days at home. Bliss you say! NOT!

Still knocked down with a stubborn case of sciatica. Getting better but the progress is about comparable to putting 5 stitches a day in one of Teresa W's huge designs - doesn't look like much. Patience is not one of my qualities in big supply.

Still, I'm getting a bit of stitching done and Libby is coming in tomorrow to get stuff in the mail, do the banking I can't do online, etc.

Mostly working on a little sampler of four letter words (all of them good words) using Dinky Dyes. I'll try to post a progress scan tomorrow.

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