Wednesday, May 25, 2005

When in Doubt, Take a Nap 

Now that I can do more things (but not much mind you), it has become frustrating to not be interested in doing anything within my physical limits. Have YOU noticed how mind-numbing daytime TV is?

Libby brought me a box of DVD's of the very best kind when I first hit the ground but I'm just now getting able to concentrate on watching them. Finished up I Claudius. I adore Derek Jacobi but I'm less able to tolerate the bloodthirstyness of the plots this time around. On the other hand I kept looking at the costumes thinking they did a pretty good job on them and I was fascinated with the dingly bobs the women had stuck in their hair.

Next it was on the first season of Campion. I did better with Lug's accent this time. I've had a little more time in England now with accents that sound, well at best almost English. Again the women's costumes were a treat. All the lovely flowery nice lady dresses with ruffles and ruchings set off by appropriate complexions and period hairstyles.

What next - entire series of Upstairs Downstairs.

Oh, and what to do when you don't want to do anything you CAN do. Take a nap. It is decadent, indulgent and gives the complaint department of your brain a good mucking out.

Thanks for all the good wishes folks - much appreciated.

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