Thursday, June 09, 2005

Charting from Original Textiles 

Thanks to Robin, I now have a look at the charts from Louisa Pesel's fourth book, pages from her sketchbooks of textiles at the V&A.

Louisa Pesel was quite a light in the world of embroidery. She documented stitches found in English and middle-eastern embroideries and produced stitch samplers of them for the V&A which have been published.

She was the "Mother of Kneelers" as she seems to have organized the first kneeler project at Winchester Cathedral.

She wrote for contemporary publications on textiles and embroidery and apparently gave talks about her travels and embroidery. I'll know more about this one day when I get up to Leeds University which holds her archives, including her "lantern slides". Wouldn't you love to attend a Pesel lecture complete with lantern slides. Those of us using digital projectors know well the advantage of throwing an image against a wall to make a point.

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