Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Feeling Like Imelda 

Do you ever get one of those Imelda (Marcos) moments? I can see her going to her closet/warehouse and saying "where DID all those shoes come from?"

Now, those who know me know my weakness for vintage pattern books. I am particularly fond of the little accordion fold books published by Sajou, Alexandre, etc. I also collect and am fascinated by books used to teach needlework in schools.

Getting ready for the upcoming move has just given me an Imelda moment. I have a heap of little booklets spread out on a BIG table saying "where DID all these patterns come from?"

When you just buy them one at a time, you don't notice the size of the stash until the day of truth arrives.

Okay, now I have to turn them to use. I predict a few new alphabet books coming into our catalogue in the near future.

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