Sunday, June 19, 2005

It's a Conspiracy 

I know all the odd socks, the halves of embroidery hoop sets, and now "the other" knitting needles are conspiring and are all hiding in the same place - I just need to find it.

These depressing thoughts were brought about by my good intentions to finish knitting up a dishrag sitting around on a #7 needle. Think I could find the other #7 needle? Think I own more than one set of #7 needles? Think again!!!!

I wish I had the calm acceptance of these sorts of happening that were part of my grandmother's personality. When faced with the inability find something she merely said "It's not lost. It's in a safe place where nobody can find it and steal it."

Well, I'm somewhat glad my #7 needle is in a safe place - I just wish it would get up the confidence to come out of hiding.

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