Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Reverse Midas Touch 

Here's hoping the day gets better. At 7:30 a.m. UPS was calling to say they broke something in a box I was sending my sister. And no they couldn't return the bits to me to make the insurance claim or send on what was unbroken. I needed to pick it up in Tucson or what was left would be destroyed and no my sister could not deal with it in Tucson. I declined flying to Tucson to deal with a few bits of crockery so my sister is just going to have to do without.

Then my printer decided it wouldn't attach to my computer and work until I'd booted the system three times.

Taking deep breath, having 2nd cup of coffee. It WILL get better.

I did get all my little vintage pattern booklets sorted out and started on a cover model for a booklet of the alphabets in one of them. Maybe I'll just shut the computer and the phones off today, watch Upstairs Downstairs and stitch.

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