Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You Know You're A Stitcher When 

Some spam always gets into my mailbox and I'm sometimes amused by the subject lines before I send it into the spam disposal unit.

Today I got one with a subject line along the lines of "Amazing P***S PATCH" Now I'm not a prude about anatomical terms but I don't need to attract blog spam by spelling out the referenced male appendage.

Upon second thought I suppose it had to do with some sort of medicament to be applied to said appendage, but my first thought was - hmmmm - what sort of patch was needed. Was this a tear or just a hole worn in the afflicted member. Then I had a good laugh as I had a fleeting vision of stitching on an appropriate patch.

You know you are a stitcher when the word patch immediately calls to mind a needle and thread.

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