Wednesday, July 20, 2005

That Does It!!! 

I'm getting out my biggest bracing needle and sharpest stilletto and dullest scissors and attacking the identity fraud perpetrators!!!

I've been through one alert by a credit reporting agency who managed to give all my identity away and now my bank sent me a new debit/VISA card with a new number because gee whiz they managed to get hacked/get careless - whatever.

So I have two days to change all my info on accounts that use that bank information for automatic payments and will still probably get e-mails saying "gosh your credit card didn't work". Then you have to figure out if those e-mails are from the real folks you want to pay and sort the whole thing out. I forsee lots of telephone time today and tomorrow.

On a better note, I just got in a book I had wanted for some years from England. Would you believe from two folks who sold an American bookstore and set up shop in Alfriston, East Sussex? Cate and Nash sent me a discount coupon inviting me to visit their shop, Much Ado Books. Little do they know I might just do that in October. Alfriston seems to have lots of early Norman/late Saxon stuff - or as I sometimes say "Ye Olde Oozing from the half-timbers".

They don't seem to have much in the way of embroidery books listed on their website but they do list a 2nd Ed. Caulfield which might tempt someone. They say they specialize in the Bloomsbury Set so you might find them a good source if you are interested in the shennigans of that rackety bunch.

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