Friday, July 08, 2005

That Long? 

Gosh I haven't been around here for several days. Packing has taken up a good deal of time and stitching on the models for a few new alphabet books.

I'm feeling very disoriented today due to the tragic events in London. London is my adopted "hometown". When I get off a plane at Heathrow, I sort of fall onto the Tube and breathe a sigh "home again."

I was supposed to be in London this month doing research at the British Library and sitting the exhibition in Cumbria on weekends.

One of the Tube trains bombed was my route to the BL - the Picadilly from Baron's Court to Kings Cross and the bomb went off at just about the time I'm usually traveling. Perhaps my back gave out at just the right time.

I've called the UK today and e-mailed and determined that my London area friends are okay - but lots of folks aren't okay and that is unacceptable in my world.

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