Friday, November 18, 2005

End of a Needlework Era 

Recently Sabrina and Lynn commented on the Northern California CATS consumer show. Both found that the number of vendors and/or number of classes offered were greatly diminished.

I do think we are seeing the end of an era of large regional consumer needlework shows in the US. I know I no longer teach at these events because it is a money losing activity. We no longer sell our products there either as again we cannot turn a profit doing so.

The UK needlework shows are alive and thriving. I think mostly because they are mounted by a fulltime professional exhibition company who have dedicated marketing departments and are only in the business of mounting consumer shows.

In the US shows have been organized by folks already in the needlework biz (i.e. publishers, designers, manufacturers, etc.). I think this sort of event sponsor does better with small, local events that fit better with the time and staff they have available to promote the event. I think this has created the number of retreats, summer camps, etc. that have sprung up in the past few years.

I am wondering if people are getting tired of so many stands of similar products and quick light weight workshops on offer - perhaps this is just me (in OZ) but I know last big show I went to I came home with most of money as there was simply very little to buy and the only class I wanted to take was mid week when I was working
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