Friday, November 11, 2005

Enough Already!!! 

Wow - another month lost to the frailities of a creaky body.

Our London tour this year went by in a blur as I was flat on my back in a hotel room the entire time. Visited by tour participants who flooded me with flowers, cards and good wishes, visited by multiple UK physicians, dosed by various medicaments to allay two incredible infections and nursed by Libby and Su.

Managed to get on a plane and return to Dulles where I was whisked off to a local hospital by EMT sorts of folks and pumped full of IV antibiotics and other potions. Then home to Unionville where I'm working on getting back some vim and vigor and getting over some of the resultant medication reactions.

So Enough Already!!! I've had my third bout of person flattening injury/illness this year and that's quite enough.

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