Monday, November 14, 2005

Fall Colors 

It has been years since I've lived where leaves changed color with the seasons. It is definitely fall here in Tennessee. We had frost in Unionville the other morning and living in a ante-bellum farmhouse means we have trees planted by folks over a century ago. They are tall, full of leaves and varied arborifically so there are leaves nearly a foot deep in colors ranging from bright yellow to dark rich orange.

I thought I would do a little Surfing for Embroidery and found a site that talks about fall/winter colors for 2005/6, Fashion - ERA. They have a page of color predictions that could give inspiration. Their site has lots of other interesting looking links for future browsing as well.

Oh, and BTW our neighbor Bob stopped by the other day and said when all the leaves were down, he would bring his super duper ride around leaf picker upper round our way and tidy up our collection. Neighbors do that sort of thing in small towns. It's not just A Southern Thing. Actually, although we have a post office in Unionville, we're an unincorporated area in Bedford County - not even a small town.

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