Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's A Southern Thing 

When visiting a new region or country, I head right to a grocery store to learn about local culture. Nothing defines us so well as our food, our cooking gadgets, the layout of stores, even signage.

Today at my local supermarket I encountered a new, unfamiliar Southern Thing, boiled custard.

Now custard I know about and love it as a sauce, or standing alone in all its comforting glory. But, this custard was found in the dairy drinks department right alongside the seasonal eggnog.

Trust the internet to have an answer. Boiled custard - The Southern Thing -- according to my sources is composed of the usual custard ingredients. They include milk, egg, sugar, vanilla BUT with a larger volume of milk which would make it a pourable drink characterized as a drink to be enjoyed in the winter months.

Might have to give it a try. If it is not to my taste, I can add some spices and make it an eggnog suitable for this foreigner's uncultured tongue.

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