Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Made To Last 

It's turned cold here - not as cold as Alaska where I once lived briefly, but colder than southern California where I've been living for the last 25 years.

The dropping temperatures sent me digging for my favorite Winter Quilt. It is a true testament to its maker, my great grandmother Susan Hefley. It is sturdy and warm and very useful after a good 100 years of use by family members. The fabrics are substantial wools (with only a few cotton bits) gleaned from family clothing which have been pieced in a few block patterns. The patterns aren't assembled in a strictly regimented way, but put together for a utilitarian purpose. The batting is wool and the back is good grey striped flannel. It is tied rather than quilted which in my family makes this a Comforter rather than a Quilt. None of your fluffy souffle duvets is this bedding. It is heavy and indeed comforts the user.

So Grandmother Susan, thanks for my comforter. I'm glad you made it to last.

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