Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Southern Sampler Thing 

This being November 30 and the anniversary of The Battle of Franklin (141st Anniversary) I celebrated by visiting Carnton Plantation which was used as a hospital during the battle.

A lovingly restored home and outbuildings were a treat to visit and the visitor's center offered a tempting bookshop.

There I found Rick Warwick's book, Williamson County: More Than A Good Place To Live. Mr. Williamson offers a meticulous look at four aspects of Williamson County, Tennessee hand-crafted material culture. Of particular interest to me were the sections on samplers and woven coverlets. I've also improved my woeful ignorance of sugar chests and hand crafted chairs.

The sampler section includes excellent color plates of 31 samplers and detailed information about the samplers. The section also offers a look at female educational institutions active from 1822 to the Civil War.

Available from The Heritage Foundation, P.O. Box 723, Franklin, TN 37065

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