Friday, February 24, 2006

Nashville was nice 

Even though Libby stayed home with her broken foot and I was on my own in Nashville, it was as always a great experience. Being around other designers, shop owners and stitchers is a high not experienced every day.

My back is still a bit creaky so I stayed in my room but an amazing number of folks came by just to say "hi", show me their latest designs and chat about "life, the universe and everything."

The bell staff was super at hauling all my stuff up to my room and taking it back down to the car after the show.

The room service leaves a good deal to be desired however. They pared their offerings down to almost nothing and then they seldom had those items. Yours truly did not starve to death however!!!!

Now back to work on the projects we have had on hold while waiting for an opportunity to really unpack and set up office/studio here in TN. Having most of my needlework books unpacked and distributed about me is comforting beyond belief. They are my "blankie."

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