Monday, March 06, 2006

Deconstruction Gone Amok 

Sharon B has taken up again the issue of "deconstructed" textiles as an art expression.

This has given me pause and made me ruminate a bit not only on the textiles in question but several old refrains including "women's work", "art vs. craft", "art marketing 101" and several others I've not poked at for quite awhile.

As an intro to deconstruction in its pure form, Jerry's distillation is useful.

My launching point for rumination is an exhibit by "artist/craftsman" Stephen Sollins who puts forth "deconstructed" (frogged) commercially stamped motto samplers (characterized as low art) upon which he has superimposed his (high art) bean counting of the colors used in the original sampler.

It seems to me that the terms deconstruction, deconstructionist, deconstructionism have been bandied about quite freely in our post-modern world. A way of examining, juggling and playing with literary and philosophic writings has now moved into some strange territory -- not excluding the culinary arts.

In my rather pedestrian look at deconstructed heirarchies involved in Sollins work, he appears to be examining art as superior to craft (sadly the predominate order in our world today). It would have been far more interesting to me if he had reversed this order and examined the issue of craft as a greater value than art.

More ruminations on another day.

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