Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Knally 

The Knally is my friend Jane Bennett's blog. Now isn't it a wonderful circumstance that I know someone who lives in the epicenter of Jane Austin country with the name Jane Bennett???

Jane is certainly not a "missish" sort of an Austin heroine though. She is a terribly bright and agile stitcher I met through the old and sadly gone CompuServe Fibercrafts Forum.

I'll never forget a magical night one Christmas season when I was Jane's guest at a carol service at Winchester Cathedral and sat right on the aisle when the Dean and Canons and a few dozen other priests and acolytes and choristers of the cathedral came processing into the candlelit cathedral. What a splendiferous array of vestments -- dripping with embroidery.

Jane also has taken on a labor of love for many years - she has indexed the entire set of issues of New Stitches.

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