Thursday, March 16, 2006

Military Textiles/Embroidery 

One of my favorite places to see goldwork is in a military museum. The untiforms that have survived are often the dress/mess uniforms that are dripping with metal.

A Canadian blogger maintains two sites that have excellent examples of textiles and the military.

Michael A. Dorosh maintains sites having to do with his passion for all things military (in particular WWII) and has a great page about the history of tartans of the Canadian forces as well as photos of the various tartans.

He also maintains a page detailing German uniform and gear and the page on officer's caps and insignia which has fine examples of metal embroidery. WARNING. THE EMBROIDERY IN METAL IS EXCELLENT ON THESE EXAMPLES, BUT YOU MAY WANT TO PASS BY THIS LINK IF YOU FIND IT DIFFICULT TO VIEW NAZI SYMBOLS.

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