Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Progress Around Here 

Oh boy, have I been busy. Mystery project my dear readers. You will hear all in good time. Off to the paper wholesalers yesterday. It's a trip that has to be planned a bit here in Tennessee whereas in California it was just a nip down the street.

However we have found a distributor who carries our high consumer recycled linen finish paper we use to print on. Yes - print on. We print right here and assemble with our own loving hands and if you get a crumpled page it's because we (I) slipped up.

I am the cat feeder, the designer, the editor, the printer, the puncher, the binder, the wrapper, the shipper --- you get the picture.

When I sit here and type "we" it is a "we" in the royal sense. As with most small self-publishing designers it is the very unroyal "me" who gets all the jobs, both glorious and ignomious.

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