Friday, March 24, 2006

A Textile Dealer as Educator 

I usually avoid dealers' sites as they don't have much in the way of decent graphics that will teach me something and the graphics are just of their current stock.

Marla Mallett Textiles has a delight of a site. Yes, she offers textiles for sale but her graphics are excellent. She also has excellent educational information on her site and keeps up graphics of textiles from her personal collections and the items that have already been sold.

Seeing her section on the modern weavers of Wissa Wassef is a delight to me as very little is written about this Egyptian project.

Ms. Mallett has also uploaded an excellent collection of ancient Coptic embroideries and tapestries. I am fascinated with the complexity and history of Egyptian textiles as they are an ancient, early pre-history textile rich culture that has then been influenced by various occupying and conquering cultures including Macedonians, Hellenes, Persians, French and British.

Do rummage through her section with photos of her personal lace collection and the miscellaneous textiles section that includes a very nice altar frontal for sale.

This is another one of those sites that can keep you busy for quite awhile. Eye candy for sure.

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