Friday, April 28, 2006

Coming Soon - New Tool 

I just heard from a distributor that a project near and dear to my heart is a "go". In goldwork we like to use a little tool called a Mellore. Spade shaped on one end and pointy on the other it is great for piercing holes for taking down threads and for burnishing laid gold.

They have been available in sterling silver at what I consider a price too great to pay for such a workhorse tool. The apprentices at the RSN buy theirs upon entry and have their initials engraved on them.

Over the years I've talked to folks constantly about having them produced in stainless steel and priced at a level that you would actually use them and not worry if one went missing.

Hooray - the prototype is ready now and the final product is slated for release sometime in July. I'm unclear on the final retail price but it will certainly have to be better than that for the silver model.

By the way, they are super for canvasworkers as well - that pointy end will enlarge holes and can be used to lay threads. For whiteworkers the pointy bit is great for pushing aside threads for eyelets in Broderie Anglaise.

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