Thursday, April 27, 2006

WOW - What a Thrill 

Keepsake NeedleArts has included two of my booklets in their latest catalog.

The first is Designing Celtic Knots. As with many of my designs - this one has a story. I kept running into needlework designers at consumer shows who cried "people want Celtic Knots designs but I don't know how to do them." The book was written for those designers and then we put it in our regular catalog. AND it really works if you follow the color coded instructions. So go buy a copy, sharpen up your pencil and have fun.

The second book, A Knotwork Alphabet, came from a class I taught at a series of consumer shows. I did a design with only four letters filled with strapwork, mazes, key designs, etc. The letters IONA were chosen to evoke that island filled with early Celtic monks. Students and others kept begging for the entire alphabet and I finally completed it and published it. Some of you may have followed the progress of the other letters. Blogging during the process made me keep charting and finally finishing this project. I stitched the IONA piece but to my knowledge nobody has ever stitched the entire alphabet. If someone ever stitches every blasted letter - and sends me a photo, I'll send them a mighty nice pressie.

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