Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Sequence Lives 

I rustle up a complimentary design from time to time and give them out at shows, pop them in orders, give them to shops to copy and hand out as well as give them to guilds with permission for use in their newsletters.

A few years ago (long before the current DaVinci Code furor), I designed a wee sampler using the Fibonacci sequence. This is a sequence found in nature and adapted by artists forever. Anything designed using that sequence WORKS. It looks pleasant to the eye and just seem right. You can't go wrong as a designer if you make friends with medieval Msr. Fibonacci.

Now it seems that Dan Brown has made mention of the sequence in his book The DaVinci Code and I'm getting little flurries of requests for the design.

For a look at what I'm talking about see the archive entry in this blog with my rendition of the design and Gytha's much more elegant interpretation.

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