Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Knew Them When 

I'm feeling rather mortal lately and one of the things that really points out to me my advancing years is seeing the growth of other embroiderers' careers.

I've been lucky enough to know several up-and-coming designers/teachers at very exciting, early points in their development as designers.

For example, my friend Robin Berry. It seems only yesterday that I met Robin during her early years of learning techniques when she was exploring embroidery like an eager child in the proverbial candy shop. She had a good start on the path of historic embroidery research but was just beginning to try new classes, new materials, new everything!!!

Since then she has traveled far toward technical competence, delved more deeply into research and has gained a well-deserved reputation as a teacher of needlework and as a writer about needlework.

The arrival of the latest issue of Needlepoint Now sent me into this pleasant remembrance of times past. Robin has been writing a series of articles featuring classic needlework techniques for this lovely magazine and this issue's article on metalwork embroidery is a fine addition to the series.

Well done Robin. And hello world - I knew her when.

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