Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Caught Up In The Task 

Some folks are so disciplined about blogging but not me. I pop in and out depending on circumstances.

Right now I'm caught up in the task(s) of getting ready for the Nashville trade show in just about a week.

Let me see - bin loaded with power strips and cords (X); Laptop ready to print invoices (X); Printing and punching and binding (x) only partial check.

Last year I barely made it to the show and was rather demented the entire time I was there. That was before I had my back fixed and I sort of slithered under the portico. I tipped the bell captain outrageously and gave him the car keys. He unloaded the car, brought everything to my room and parked the car.

Then I was a prisoner for the remainder of the show. Room service at that hotel leaves a lot to be desired (and at a very high price).

My customers were lovely and understanding but I had limited stock and nothing new.

This year will be better as Libby will be there to help, I can walk around and eat breakfast and there will be sufficient books to send home with any shop owner I can haul into my sales room. And we will have a few new offerings as well.

And I can shop a bit myself for inventory to take to my booth at Rockome in June.

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