Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Macedonian Embroidery 

Although I know little about Eastern European embroidery I was asked recently to help someone learn about it and the stitches used to execute it.

I found very fleeting bits of reference by Pesel, Gostelow and Paine.

Turning to the Web, I found more useful information.

Macedonian Folk Embroidery
George Mitrevski at Auburn University

Photos of folk costume embroidery linked to stitch diagrams.

Macedonian National Dresses
Dusko Koncaliev

Illustrations of a Valley Bridal Dress from the village of Krivogashtani, Prilep region and
Mariovo Mens's Dress from the village of Stravina, Bitola region are augmented with descriptions of the materials and techniques used and the purpose of the individual garments.

The Folk Costumes and Embroideries in Macedonia

This is a rich site with many illustrations organized by regions and with some links to techniques/stitches.

Macedonia Direct

Provides a map of the country's regions and illustrations of the costumes with descriptions of the garments and ornaments that make up the traditional costumes but does not name or illustrate the techniques used to embroider them.

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