Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Surfing For Embroidery - Eastern Europe 

An excerpt of the book The History of Serbian Culture gives a little look at traditional costume of the region. Of course, as always, I yearn for larger images, more detail, more more more.

The site of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade is available in English. They have textiles and costumes of several Eastern European cultures including Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia.

Danica Anderson's e-zine "Awakened Woman" offers an article on The Witches of Bosnia where she references the use of the symbolic spiral in Bosnian embroidery.

For an account of the development of a needlework cooperative during time of conflict read Deb Carpenter-Beck's "Building A New Life Stitch by Stitch"

The Eliznik site is dedicated to Romanian culture, politics and history. For the stitch collector there is a small but very handy table of stitch diagrams, English and Romanian stitch names and a description of each stitch and its customary usages.

As usual, I disclaim all responsibility for your loss of time when you click into these sites and become enchanted and click and click and click.

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