Monday, March 12, 2007

But I Would Know 

I'm almost done ripping out a gazillion rows of the body of a sweater. I took it to Nashville with me and knit away while I was chatting with people and didn't pay very much attention to what I was doing. I've knit this pattern far too many times.

Got it back out yesterday and found I had really badly placed a buttonhole on this cardigan. Now the folks in Mongolia where it is going probably wouldn't notice or care that they got a bright red warm sweater with a messed up buttonhole -- but I would always know it was wrong.

Sometimes you can fudge on needlework, sometimes you can change a design or a pattern midstream and incorporate a mistake without a resultant mess but sometimes you just gotta rip it out and do it right. Because I'm knitting it for someone I don't know but who really needs it, it needs to be my best work, not my worst.


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