Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mountmellick, the Other Whitework 

We often are fascinated by whitework designs and styles of embroidery. Dresden embroidery and Broderie Anglaise quickly come to mind when we think of whitework but Mountmellick embroidery has a language of its own.

It evolved, as did many types of embroidery, as a means of making a bit of income in impoverished areas. Mountmelick is a small community once known for its woolen mills, for its ties to Quaker history and for its embroidery. Mountmelick has kindly provided a nice amount of space on its website to the history of Mountmellick embroidery, the revival of interest in this style of stitching, information on learning the technique and some nice photos of examples.

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Hi Linn,

I also have lots of great information about Mountmellick on my website that you or your readers may be interested in.


Yvette Stanton
Author of "Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature"
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