Sunday, April 01, 2007

Saved Art 

Art Fund is an UK charity that provides grants to assist in buying art for UK museums rather than seeing it exported to other country's museums or private collections. It aims to fill the gap between public funding and the needs of UK collections.

They helped keep The Three Graces in London and have contributed funds to buy several textiles, as well as the usual paintings, sculpture and illuminated manuscripss. If you click on "Art Saved" and search for "embroidery" you'll see 17th century embroidered caskets and an exquisite mens cap from the Burrell Collection.

Choose a search on "textiles" in the Art Cloud and you will turn up everything from a sampler at the John Wesley Museum in London to Native American items at the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.

A great way to see things that may not be featured on a website of a small museum.

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Can they spell irony? (CoughElginMarblescoughcough)

(Actually, I'm not that het up about keeping "local" art local.)
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