Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogs That Make Me Think 

Hmmm, I've been thinking about this ever since Sharon B. tagged me on a meme started at (where else) The Thinking Blog. After I picked myself up off the floor humbled that Sharon would consider my blog as one that makes her think I set out to continue with a list of five blogs that make me think. I had a hard time making decisions, but here you are folks, my five.

First of all Sharon B.'s Mindtracks. It was a rather raging internal debate between Mindtracks and In A Minute Ago. Although they both make me think, Mindtracks is a real cerebral exercise for me that often makes me reach beyond the easy and comfortable to approach ideas that are a little tougher to get a handle on. A good workout. So Mindtracks it is.

Another blog that takes me to realms not always familiar to me is Jerry Everard's Mindsigh Jerry has a way of making rather lofty academic approaches to philosophic thought within my grasp without "dumbing down" the concepts. It is his clarity of expression that does the trick.

Ragged Cloth Cafe is a favorite because I can rub shoulders with textile artists who are far from the commercial world of stitchery design where I spend a good deal of time. It takes me out of the world of mass market and keeps me stitching for myself alone, exploring what might please me, not what might please the largest number of consumers and helps me create a link between thinking and doing.

I've read Arts & Letters Daily since cybertime immemorial (remember when we paid for every minute and used SpryMosaic to find the few things out there in cyberspace?). It brings to my attention articles, book reviews and essays I would otherwise miss, and forces me to think about issues I might otherwise ignore.

My fifth choice might seem unusual. Waiter Rant is a slice of life seen through the eyes of a NYC waiter who has been rewarded with a book contract for his writing skills. It makes me think about relationships which are the core of blog entries. It is a constantly shifting scene of Front of the House, Back of the House, people in the world sort of gently choreographed dance of personalities. It makes me think about human encounters in my life.

An interesting byproduct of this meme has been the wide variety of blogs I've visited by clicking through other bloggers' choices. I've built a very nice list of blog links through this exercise.

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