Saturday, April 14, 2007

Designer WIPs 

Or subtitled, clean your computer dummy, there's lots of half-finished designs lurking on those CDs.

As I've gone through computers and programs and organizational systems and moves across country, I've backed up or tossed away, or shoved in a box lots of ideas that started out great. Some of them need very little to finish them up and I always kept saying "after I don't have to go to the office any more."

Well, I'm not going to an office anymore - thanks to a wonky back and Social Security - so I think it's about time I finish a few of them up or hit the delete button sending them off to a far far better life.

Watch this space for progress and keep a good thought that there may be some progress.

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Linn if you come up with a system of storing possible ideas and half worked ones and keeping them organised until they mature inot something else - please post - I would love to hear about it - other than priniting out and glueing the stuff into my visual journal I am plagued with half worked through ideas in files - lots of stuff should never see the light of day while other good stff gets lost-
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