Friday, April 20, 2007

Eileen and the Queens 

The Queens Sampler always gets a lot of rave reviews and I must admit I believe it is one of the nicer things I've designed. And yes, the band for Anne of Cleves was inspired by her headress in the famous/infamous portrait. The other two bands I designed were inspired by their lives or their personal/family emblems.

I was talking with Eileen this morning and brought up the idea that we ought to make the bands available in some form in the future. We will talk further at Rockome in June, but I think we are leaning toward the idea of each of us taking the three bands we designed, adding three more bands for the other queens and each of us bringing out a unique sampler honoring these royal ladies.

Just think, then you could buy two queens samplers! It would be fun comparing them. We both have similar tastes but different design styles.

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Me! Me! Wildly waving hand.

I want them!

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