Saturday, April 21, 2007

Glad and Sad 

A very glad day in that I finally made it to a meeting of our local Shelbyville Satellite group of the Cheekwood Chapter of EGA. What a nice welcoming group of ladies and what a super lunch they fed me. The work they are doing is top notch and they have wonderful projects in hand for the rest of the year. I am really glad to have a local group to stitch with. That was difficult in Los Angeles.

A sad day because I've had to withdraw from the NCCSS2007 show at Rockome in June. I had high hopes for the show when I heard the new owners had decided to go ahead this year. It was always a wonderful experience and had a lovely character of its own. But, as often happens in life, change occurs and the new management folks have a different vision of the show than that to which we were all accustomed. My customers seem not to be ready for these changes and I guess I'm an old stick-in-the-mud as well. I always believe "if it ain't broke, don't smash it just so you can try to fix it." Ah well, I have lovely memories of Rockome past and my friendships from those shows will continue forever.

I will be completing the kits of the reproduction sampler I was going to teach and it will be offered for sale at my online catalog. We had planned a fun evening event, a Teddy Bear Picnic, but believe me - I've not abandoned those ideas. Libby and I will be hosting it somewhere else in the future.

If anyone needs information regarding the show, Butch Phillips will be happy to help.

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that s**ks - it had soooooo much potential - ah well just have to start your own event. I'm sure it will be so much better.
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