Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Memories are Made of This 

Not having many needleworky thoughts today. Simply printing, printing, printing and binding, binding, binding. Thank heaven for the catalog customers who keep me in food and drink.

But while doing mundane tasks, the mind tends to wander a bit. Now I'm a person who considers salty things more of a treat than sweet things. I've been sitting here today eating olives as a treat and the taste brought back a sequence of memories.

In 1964 whilst stationed in Germany, I visited Italy in October. A much recommended month for travel in my opinion. While strolling the streets in Naples, I was enticed to buy a newspaper cone filled with freshly brined Italian olives. What a treat until the brine turned my mouth into a prune.

That was a good journey. I went on the ferry to Capri and stayed there a few nights rather than making it into the usual day trip. Capri without tourists is a jewel, a treasure, an aura. It was on Capri that I encountered another foodie delight I will never forget. At the time just after sunset, when all the small cafes are opening and lights and music spills into the streets, I followed my nose to a mom and pop corner grocery with a couple of wobbly wire legged tables where mama served up food for the locals. At that moment mama was frying doughnuts - as large as a bread and butter plate and dusted with sugar and cinnamon. If you've not eaten fresh doughnuts washed down with local red wine on the Isle of Capri when you are 21, you've not lived my friends.

Our senses bring back memories like an avalanche. Whether it be smell, taste, sound, touch, show of color - it all becomes part of our creative being.


Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. The dude and I love traveling in October, but don't tell the others. That's the reason we love it so much! :)
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