Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ohh My, Piles of Paper 

Not much time spent on surfing for embroidery lately, no stitching, no charting...no nothing creative. Just pushing about paperwork.

And I did punch and bind a stack of books over 2 feet high. Boooooooooooooring my dears.

I have uploaded a few more photos of projects to the Rockome information pages. It seems that the show there is pulling itself up by the bootstraps. Butch Phillips, the onsite events manager has employed some new staff to deal with the show. If we can get through this year, next year should be smoother sailing. I would hate to lose the show again. It went into rehab for two years and I missed having a consumer show to attend.

I've been spending some time sorting out supplies and getting order lists ready for the classes I'll be teaching there as well as the stuff we'll have for sale in the booth.

Louise, a friend, will be there and will help cover the booth while I teach. Sometimes mid-week at the show, it gets a little slow in the exhibit hall so I'm taking some make-it-take-its to entice folks to sit a spell and stitch.


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