Monday, April 23, 2007

Pinch a Little Inspiration 

Here's a designer's secret. If you are feeling blah and uninspired, try some magazines full of eye candy.

From time to time I pick up some airmiles from an airline not usual for me. Never enough to pop for a air mileage ticket, but the airlines team up with a magazine broker to offer subscriptions for miles.

This is when I order up subscriptions that are certainly not in my budget but very glossy indeed. Architectural Digest, Vogue, etc.

These are packed full of design inspiration. Find a full page ad with colors that simply call to you. Believe me Prada and Tiffany don't create ugly layouts. Run with their colors and you will never go wrong.

Plus in the latest Vogue there is an amazing use of fabric manipulation in a pyramid shape on the back of a shirtwaist. Elegant to say the least.


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